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The Simple Past Tense

At Miami English Spot, we truly believe that learning English can be a fun experience, especially if you are given tools to do it as fast and easy as possible! From English Clubs, to private and group classes, there is something for everyone at our school. 

This guide is a super easy tool to use when learning the simple past tense! Do you know how to use the Simple Past already? Keep it handy whenever you are writing so that you, too, can do it perfectly!

English uses verbs in the simple past tense to refer to actions, situations, or events that are finished and that happened before now. So, things that happened to us or we did in the past!

There are many ways to write in the simple past.

In this article, we will be talking about the simple past tense in REGULAR VERBS. IRREGULAR VERBS do NOT use a formula or pattern that you can learn, and so you need to study and learn them by yourself. It can be handy to print out a list of irregular verbs and keep it next to you, studying it daily so you can learn 4 verbs a day!

But, some verbs are REGULAR. This means that they follow a pattern and a formula and are easy to learn!


Here is a handy guide for REGULAR VERBS:


You add -d to regular verbs that end in a vowel to form the past simple tense. 

EXAMPLES: Arrive-d: I arrived at their house at 5pm.

Love-d: I loved seeing you yesterday!

Like-d: I really liked the food at the restaurant. 

You add -ed to regular verbs that end in a consonant to form the past simple tense. 

EXAMPLES: Work-ed: I worked very hard last year. 

Listen-ed; I listened to your song and really liked it. 

With verbs that end in a consonant + y, you need to get rid of the Y and add -ied. 

EXAMPLES: Study= Studied: I studied really hard for my exam. 

Try=Tried: I tried to jump but was not able to!

Enjoy=enjoyed: I enjoyed seeing you yesterday!


It’s your turn to try! Vist Miami English Spot for English lessons, and use this handy guide whenever you are writing or speaking in the past tense using regular verbs! Study it daily so you can, at some point, not use a guide at all!