Acquiring American citizenship will help you gain many rights and benefits. During this process, you will have to make evident your English-language and US civics knowledge. Citizenship classes offered in our Continuing Education Department are designed and planned to coach residents that are going through the citizenship interview process.

100% schedule flexibility
Professional native English speaking teachers
Online option (In case you can't attend class)

Citizenship Classes


English Spot offers the preparation required to take the US citizenship exam. This includes not only the content of the test but also the best way to handle the language in general terms. There are 5 two-hour sessions taught by educators who are well-versed in the topic. Lessons cover all the student needs to strengthen his or her confidence in handling the language.


“If we can't speak English in the land of opportunity, we are limiting our own goals.” Anywhere in the US or around the world, even if they speak your native language, English will be the main connection to achieve your objectives.

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instalaciones con alta tecnologia

Modern Facilities

Our facilities have the best available technology, something that turns the process of learning English into a real pleasure. Every classroom has state-of-the-art technology and comfortable spaces, ready for our students to be trained and the general public to enjoy.

salones y laboratorios de punta

High-tech Classrooms and Labs

English Spot is at the forefront, technologically speaking. We offer each student a first-rate experience with tools such as smart tablets, professional equipment and comfortable labs, everything to turn classrooms into relaxing, dynamic, and interactive spaces.


Support Materials

Come into class well equipped with our English Spot Kit. Your learning experience will be complete with our bags, notebooks, headphones, and other materials that will inspire you in your educational voyage. Get ready to join our amazing family!

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Neurolinguistic Programming (PNL)

Each person has a particular way of studying and learning. That's why we have brought the Neurolinguistic Programming method into our curriculum. This approach will help your learning process be the most advantageous, efficient, dynamic, and super fun!