10 Common Writing Mistakes

10 Common Writing Mistakes Learning English is such a fun experience, especially when you learn how to write and express yourself through it.  Still, for some people, writing becomes more complicated when they fall into some simple writing mistakes.  These are the most common writing mistakes! Pay attention when you’re writing to these simple mistakes…

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It can be difficult to learn English when you are a foreigner. The language is full of nuances and subtleties that make it hard for even native speakers to understand. This article will help with one such nuance – the difference between “look at,” “watch” and “see.” These words might seem like they are alike,…

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So, What’s Up With the Easter Bunny?

Every year, children look forward to Easter since legend has it, a long eared, cute, white rabbit comes to deliver beautiful baskets full of treats, toys, candy….and even lays colorful eggs for children to find! The Easter tradition of the egg hunt even comes from the Easter Bunny, or Easter Rabbit too! It’s been a…

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