Learn some fun slang!

“What’s up?” “I’m beat.” These are just two of the many slang terms that you learn at Miami English Spot! Of course, proper grammar and vocabulary is very important, but slang is also fun and very useful to understand how actual people speak on the streets. Learning these phrases is fun, and will help you…

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It can be difficult to learn English when you are a foreigner. The language is full of nuances and subtleties that make it hard for even native speakers to understand. This article will help with one such nuance – the difference between “look at,” “watch” and “see.” These words might seem like they are alike,…

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So, What’s Up With the Easter Bunny?

Every year, children look forward to Easter since legend has it, a long eared, cute, white rabbit comes to deliver beautiful baskets full of treats, toys, candy….and even lays colorful eggs for children to find! The Easter tradition of the egg hunt even comes from the Easter Bunny, or Easter Rabbit too! It’s been a…

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