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There are Private Classes available in our Continuing Education department aimed at persons that have a limited amount of time or a difficult day-to-day agenda but still want to take time to improve their English.

This continuing ed option has been fully designed by our school and it offers every student the following benefits:

100% schedule flexibility
Expert native English-speaking teachers
Online classes option (in case you can't attend in person)

Private Classes


At English Spot, learning English at your own pace and without pressure is possible. One-on-one personalized classes allow you organize your schedule according to the time you have available. We recommend taking at least 2 to 3 weekly sessions to improve performance, allowing you to grasp the language in a more efficient and entertaining way.


There's always time to achieve your goals! We help you find the best timing to make your dream of learning a new language come true. Our flexible schedules allow you to enjoy your classes in the comfort of your home, office, or if you prefer, in our facilities, equipped with the latest technology. Learn about everything we offer...

instalaciones con alta tecnologia

Modern Facilities

Our facilities have the best available technology, something that turns the process of learning English into a real pleasure. Every classroom has state-of-the-art technology and comfortable spaces, ready for our students to be trained and the general public to enjoy.

salones y laboratorios de punta

High-tech Classrooms and Labs

English Spot is at the forefront, technologically speaking. We offer each student a first-rate experience with tools such as smart tablets, professional equipment and comfortable labs, Everything to turn classrooms into relaxing, dynamic, and interactive spaces.


Support Materials

Come into class well equipped with our English Spot Kit. Your learning experience will be complete with our bags, notebooks, headphones, and other materials that will inspire you in your educational voyage. Get ready to join our amazing family!

material didactico - descripcion programas

Neurolinguistic Programming (PNL)

Each person has a particular way of studying and learning. That's why we have brought the Neurolinguistic Programming method into our curriculum. This approach will help your learning process be the most advantageous, efficient, dynamic, and super fun!