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The English Spot Full Immersion program is designed to improve your language skills in a quick, pleasant and efficient way through our intensive courses based on the Cambridge University and English Spot methodology. Intensive (7) seven-hour daily classes distributed this way:

3 hours of live daily classes
4 Hours in a Conversation Club (Additional hours from the daily classes, included in the price of the program)

Full Immersion


Now it's possible to speak English in a short amount of time through our intensive 320-hour, 4-month course plus 160 hours of conversational practice (additional cost) with a group of up to 12 students. Learning English can be a great experience; your teachers will be native US speakers.


If your goal is English fluency you are in the right place. Our program allows you to learn this wonderful language through an intuitive, immersive method. Find out all we have to offer!

instalaciones con alta tecnologia

Modern Facilities

Our facilities have the best available technology, something that turns the process of learning English into a real pleasure. Every classroom has state-of-the-art technology and comfortable spaces, ready for our students to be trained and the general public to enjoy.

salones y laboratorios de punta

High-tech Classrooms and Labs

English Spot is at the forefront, technologically speaking. We offer each student a first-rate experience with tools such as smart tablets, professional equipment and comfortable labs, everything that turn classrooms into relaxing, dynamic and interactive spaces.


Support Materials

Come into class well equipped with our English Spot Kit. Your learning experience will be complete with our bags, notebooks, headphones, and other materials that will inspire you in your educational voyage. Get ready to join our amazing family!

material didactico - descripcion programas

Neurolinguistic Programming (PNL)

Each person has a particular way of studying and learning. That's why we have brought the Neurolinguistic Programming method into our curriculum. This approach will help your learning process be the most advantageous, efficient, dynamic, and super fun!