“What’s up?” “I’m beat.” These are just two of the many slang terms that you learn at Miami English Spot! Of course, proper grammar and vocabulary is very important, but slang is also fun and very useful to understand how actual people speak on the streets.

Learning these phrases is fun, and will help you to speak more fluently. We have put together this guide for some common American slang so that students can better understand what they’re hearing on a day-to-day basis.

There is no time like the present to start learning some new words!

Have you ever heard the slang phrase “I’m beat” before? It’s actually a pretty common phrase in English, and it means to be tired. When you hear people say “I am beat,” they’re usually telling their friends that they are exhausted from all the activity of the day.

There’s also, “what’s up”, which has a few different meanings. It can be used to greet someone, or just to say hi.

There are phrases like “drop it” and “sick.” These are words that you might hear often on TV shows when people get into arguments! “Drop it” means to stop arguing or talking about something else. “Sick” is a word that people use to say different things, for example “this is sick” can be said when they think something is awesome, or “you make me sick” when they are fighting with someone else. Crazy right?

You can also say “we are hanging out”, and it doesn’t mean that you and your friends are hanging outside! “Hanging out” means to be out with friends together. “Me and my friends will hang out tonight!”

“Chill out” is another fun slang term. To “chill out” does not mean to get cold, but to relax a little bit.

Have you ever heard the term “we got busted?” If you “bust” someone, you’ve caught them doing something they shouldn’t be doing/saying/hiding. “The police busted us for speeding!”

Idioms are also considered slang. We have taught some before at our Spotty Lessons! Check these out:





Have you ever heard any of these phrases before? Did you know them? If you didn’t, make sure you add them to your vocabulary so you can speak like all your friends!


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