Prepositions are a very important thing to understand when you learn English or want to learn a new language. At Miami English Spot we love giving you mini lessons that you can keep and read back whenever you have a doubt!

In this lesson, we will be talking about the prepositions “at” and “to”. An easy lesson to understand: which prepositions to know in any case, and explain which word refers to movement and which one refers to location.

Do you arrive to the airport or at the airport? Do you fly to London or fly at London?

It’s easy!

These two are commonly confused prepositions. The thing to remember is that:

To= always suggests movements or direction. 

You are going TO someone, TO some place, TO some thing! Remember! People, places, or things. 

At= Suggests a location, in place or time. 

You are AT school. 

To something, at somewhere. Do you understand the difference? When we use to, there’s movement implied, and at is used when you’ve already arrived! Think through this when thinking which one to use, and you can make no mistake!


Towards a person

I talked to him

Explain to her

Send to them

Read to the kids

Towards a place

We went to school

Run to the park

Fly to London

Return to my house

Towards a thing

She walked to her car

When using at, you’ve already arrived somewhere, or at a time. At is steady and does not imply movement. Location in place, or even location in time.

Location in place

We are at the airport

I am at school

Location in time

Wake me up at 6:00am

See you at 2:00pm

Now you know! A super easy guide to understand how to use these two frequently confused prepositions! Try it yourself! Try writing a couple of sentences with each, and practice every day! At Miami English Spot you can also learn English in full immersion classes, group classes, or even English Clubs where you can talk to other people and learn in conversation! Contact us!⁣  ☎ (786) 867-0183⁣