We recognize the importance of continuous improvement and positive work environment, that’s why our Corporate Plan strives to deliver personal and collective success; we customize English programs according to your business requirements and to different levels of knowledge.

Here at English Spot we offer top of the class services with 100% results. These training programs are tax deductible for employers. These programs increase employee’s motivation, sense of belonging and compromise with the company. The use of NLP learning techniques to learn English provides additional benefits such as: Self-confidence, employee’s self-esteem and an increase in personal productivity.

You can receive the classes at of your office or in our state of the art facilities. At the end of the program the group will have the necessary skills to succeed in the work environment and will help improve your company.

This Study Program includes:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Teaching Materials
  • Native Teachers
  • Flexible Schedules

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Previously we assess your current level of English and then customizes the curriculum that best suits you
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