Our Teachers

Academic Team

We strive to provide our students with a thoroughly selected team of teachers with the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to provide the best experience to learning English.

Diego Perez

Carmen Roa

Jessica Virguez

Lauren Malavet

Steve Olivier

Marcela King

Daniela B

Hector Gonzalez

Mary Urdaneta

Brenda Colmenares

Llandy Campos

Valeria Moreno

Gregory Smith

Lynne Kaplan

Stephanie Zapata

English Spot’s Phylosophy

We strive to prove our continued commitment to excellence, offering an exceptional quality service.


Our compromise is to offer an honest and transparent service, “What we promise is what we deliver”.


We are motivated to share our time, our knowledge and friendship to all of our students and business partners.


We are a disciplined and well oriented team. Our compromise is to fulfill our mission, vision and values.