• Natural exposure to language

    In English Spot we teach using natural exposure to language in the same way we started talking our first language.Our methodology is fun, efficient and simple. In a short term you will see the results, and the progress will be fast and consistent over time.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    We use neurolinguistic programming tools and intelligent manipulation resources of the brain, such as our six reading techniques that can be practiced independently at any time of the day, even while performing other tasks such as watching TV or listening to the radio.

  • Promote Self-Study

    We exceed the expectations of our students, as we not only teach the contents of an English course but also show how to participate in the self-study and how to maximize each daily experience to learn and grow personally.

Our Program

English Spot has developed a methodology based on a program of neuro – linguistic training which includes audiovisual and oral materials, with ease via internet access and digital files so that students can practice in class and elsewhere.


The program includes phonetic exercises, which are adapted to the articulation and hearing organs to adapt to the English accent and reduce the native language.


Through an association of vocabulary, the program offers students more than five thousand new words and expressions useful in English , colloquial and formal language.