Join one of our Clubs!

American Culture Club

Explore the beauty and diversity in America! Learn about the events that shaped and defined the history, traditions, values, and lifestyle in the United States of America. Join us, and we will introduce in English to what it means to live in America.

Conversation Club

What is the recipe for a great conversation in English? We must begin with a drizzle of initiative, add a spoonful of basic vocabulary, a dash of comprehension, a cup of positive attitude. Mix all the ingredients for two hours and oh, la la. Behold the sweetest recipe for practicing your conversational skills and having a great time.

Grammar Club

Do you know what you intend to communicate but sometimes it is hard to put it in words? Improve your grammatical skills in the ES Grammar Club. Learn about the proper use of all those small but pivotal words: pronouns, articles, prepositions and conjunctions. Take control of the “annoying third person”. Practice composing complete sentences. We will help you every step of the way. We will help you sharpen your skills and gain confidence in expressing yourself successfully.

Acting and Karaoke Club

Have you ever dreamt of acting or signing in front of an audience? This is your chance to become a superstar. Prepare to enjoy live entertainment and a good time while your skills in the English language improve on stage.

Reading Club

“An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise”. Thomas Warton. Attention all book lovers! take a break from you hectic day and dive into a good book with us. What a wonderful way to escape the stress of life and improve your English at the same time! Wether you prefer contemporary literature or the classics, you can count on our Reading Clubs to provide fascinating content and a stimulating debates.

Business Club

What is one of the key components of growing your business or obtaining a promotion in the United States? English, of course! Come and learn the secrets to becoming a successful public speaker, learn the art of persuasion, skills for captivating an audience while doing a sales presentation, and how to become a confident speaker. The Business Club will enhance your skills in English designed for the American market.